Hugs Bison

Electronic improvisers.


Tune in for Spectral Stories

Wednesday 16th December — 4pm GMT

Spectral Stories is a modern take on the tradition of Christmas Ghost stories and we will be giving it a very modern update with a combination of spoken word performances and improvised digital music.

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Adventurers on the musical frontier

Hugs Bison are a technology driven duo, exploring the frontiers of smart technology. They push tablets and apps to the limit to create cinematic, multi-faceted improvised soundscapes.

The duo are Phil Powell & Shaun Blezard, one a technologist with a passion for music, the other a musician with a passion for technology.

Shaun Blezard
Phil Powell

Phil Powell is an award winning web developer who has been working with online technology for a number of years. Shaun Blezard is currently a Sound and Music New Voice - a scheme for the UKs most exciting emerging and mid career composers working in new music.

Together they are exploring smart technology, how this can make music and pushing the boundaries of online presentation of music.

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